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To enquire about the pet travel scheme or pet passports, call

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Ask yourself: will my cat or dog be comfortable and happy on a trip? Some

animals simply prefer to stay at home and a 'homesick', possibly motion-sick pet will ruin everyone's trip. In such a case it's probably wiser to leave your pet with a friend, relative or hire a 'pet-sitter'. If that is not possible, you might consider boarding them at a clean, well-run kennel or cattery.

Travel preparation

If you do decide to take your pet along, you must take as much care with the preparation of your pet's trip as your own. If you plan to travel by plane, bus, train or boat, find out if your pet will be welcome and what kind of

reservations and transport arrangements must be made. If you'll be staying at hotels or campsites, you must check if animals are allowed or if kennel facilities are available. If you're staying with friends or family, make sure your pet is also invited.

Plan ahead

The pet travel scheme allows pets travelling to and from EU countries (and some others) to be brought into the UK without being quarantined providing they meet certain requirements.


Currently, your pet is eligible for a pet passport if it has been microchipped for identification and has had a rabies vaccination. You must wait 21 days after the rabies vaccination before leaving the UK. Your pet must have had treatment from a vet in the country of origin for ticks and tapeworms BETWEEN 24 and 120 hours prior to return to the UK.


Within the practice we have several vets who can issue Pet Passports who would be happy to discuss any travel requirements with you. For more information on travelling under the pet travel scheme please visit www.defra.gov.uk

Is your pet eligible for a pet passport?

Pet travel scheme and pet passports in Grantham

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