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We would like to take the opportunity to share with you the stories of some of our most inspirational patients.


Pet of the Month

January 2017


January's pet of the month is the lovely Bichon Frise 'Sweep'. Her owners bought her in concerned after she went off her food.


On examination her abdomen felt very full and uncomfortable so a series of tests were performed including an x-ray.


Here we can see the abdomen has been over taken by a large abnormal mass which was suspected to be attached to her spleen. At 13 years old to remove such a mass was not a decision made lightly but her owners decided to proceed with exploratory surgery to find out where the mass was and if it could be removed. The mass was indeed attached to the spleen so a full splenectomy was performed. A sample of the mass was anazlyzed by an outside laboratory and it was great news. It was a benign haematoma however if left this could have ruptured and caused severe internal bleeding or even death.


Sweep has recovered really well from her surgery and has amazed us all!


February 2017


This month we want to share with you the amazing story of George a very lucky black cat. We are sharing his story in February but he originally came to us after a road accident back in August!


Despite horrific injuries to both back legs George managed to drag himself home to alert his owners. They then called our out of hours service and George was seen straight away. He received urgent care as he had lost alot of skin and was in a state of shock.

IMG_9151 IMG_9120 IMG_9123

After stabilisation overnight we performed some xrays of his injured back legs and found that along with large wounds to both legs he had also broken a toe in each foot. Broken toes on a small enough animal should heal well enough if kept rested, but the wounds needed immediate attention. They were flushed with copious amounts of saline and the smaller wound was stitched together. Unfortunately the larger wound on the right leg was too big to close together so therefore had to be left to heal by secondary intention (naturally) To keep the wound clean and moist we dressed it with a bandage which was removed and replaced regularly. His owners showed huge dedication throughout the long healing process when many other owners may have given up hope they trusted us when we said it would heal.


Right leg day after accident

Right leg after 6 months

Left leg after accident

As you can see from the photos above George has made a full recovery and the wound has fully healed with hair re growth as well. It took a very long time but there was gradual progression at every visit. Once the wound was small enough to keep clean and dry we left the dressing off and the contraction of the wound was much faster. We would like to thank our dedicated team of vets and nurses for their excellent care.


March 2017


Our amazing pet of the month for March is the adorable Minnie.


Minnie is a delightful little Yorkshire Terrier who was bitten on the head by a much larger adversary (a German Shepherd dog, but terriers are all known to punch above their weights!).


When she arrived at the surgery, Matthew Payne could immediately see that her jaw had been badly smashed in multiple places. She was kept in with support and pain relief until the following day. After taking x-rays under anaesthesia, we stabilised the fractured mandible by placing steel pins on either side of the break and joining them on the outside with a frame made of lightweight acrylic putty. The midline of the lower jaws had also broken, so a wire was placed between the canine teeth to fix that part. It was particularly difficult to try to re-align the damaged teeth, and we were concerned in case she could not eat following the surgery.



So we placed a tube through the side of her neck (pharynx) leading towards her stomach so that we could feed her easily afterwards.  These tubes can stay in place for weeks if necessary, but it quickly became apparent that Minnie would not need this as she was managing to eat and swallow food past the tube within two days of the surgery! The tube was removed a couple of days later, and she went home to recuperate fully there. What a tough little animal!


Last week, just six weeks after the injury, we removed her wire and external fixator. Richard was delighted to note that the jaw bones had healed fully. She may need some further dental work later on, but most Yorkshire Terrier owners know that this comes with the breed!


We all fell in love with her and her strong little character.


August 2017



This really sweet girl Splodge was unfortunately attacked by a dog and was quite lucky to have managed to escape with just a broken leg! Her owners rushed her to us straight away and xrays showed us the extent of her injuries. She was very swollen and bruised and quite shocked about the ordeal.


Because the injury was caused by a bite we couldn't risk putting implants into the bone that would be left in due to the posibility of introducing infection. Richard decided to put a metal pin through the middle of the bone to hold the two ends in place and then the pin was left protruding out of the skin to be attached at both ends by another pin on the outside. After a couple of hiccups during her recouperation we managed to remove the pins after around 6 weeks and the bones have healed togehter well.