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Our team of receptionists in Grantham consist of three full time and five part time dedicated and friendly animal lovers. You can be sure you're in safe hands with us.

To speak to our lovely veterinary reception team to book your animal in or for helpful advice, call 

01476 563 371

Sam is our reception supervisor and has been with us since 2005. Sam has 2 cats, Gus and Garfield both of the cats were rescued after being abandoned as tiny kittens. She also has a daughter called Amelia.

Sam Gharbi

Anne joined the practice in 1996, she left after a year to train as a travel consultant but missed the job so much she came back in 1998 and has been with us ever since. Anne has three cats (all of which she has rescued) called Leo, Hattie and a three legged cutie called Roary. She also has 2 grand daughters  who she spoils rotten!

Anne Williamson

Theresa joined the practice in 2010 as a part time receptionist but is now full time. Theresa has two cats called Rose and Tilly and 3 grown up children.

Theresa Streeter

Tara is a qualified veterinary nurse who has worked at the practice for many years, she returned to work in August 2012 after having her son and now works on reception. She also runs nurse clinics in the afternoons.

Tara Hart RVN

Joy joined the practice in 2005 working every evening at the Bottesford surgery and at the Grantham surgery on a Saturday. She also helps run the practice puppy parties. Joy lives on a small holding where she is currently rearing pigs, sheep and chickens. Joy also helps with the rehabilitation of bats and works alongside The Lincolnshire Bat Rescue. She has 2 dogs, Minnie and Wally.

Joy Melton

Dawn has worked with us since October 2013, she loves animals and has her own dog, Dexter the Jack Russel Terrier cross Patterdale.

Dawn Bristow

Jenny started off working for John Yeaman at his Stanton Street practice in 1977 as a full time nurse. In 1983 his practice was compulsory purchased to become what is now Morrisons car park and he amalgamated with the 'Oliver and Jenkins' practice that became the Avenue Veterinary Centre.

Jenny was offered one of two positions, either continue as a full time nurse or take on an admin role which she chose to do and has done an excellent job ever since.


Jenny Kirkland (admin)

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Meet our veterinary reception team in Grantham

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Jodie Morris

Jodie recently joined our reception team and works alongside Dawn and Anne in the evenings. She has two dogs and 2 daughters. One of her daughters Iris is featured on our website!


Charlotte Auckland

Charlotte is one of our full time receptionists who has worked for us since 2016. She is an animal lover and likes to come and meet all the patients in the surgery when reception is quiet.


Charlotte has a Yorkshire terrier called Ruby and 2 cats, Cleo and Bailey.