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Ear Health


Ear problems are one of the most common reasons our patients come to see us at the vets. That is why regular ear health checks are so important. This can be done by either checking them at home or coming in to see one of our vets or nurses. The ear should appear free of debris and there should be no redness or swelling.


Signs that would indicate an ear problem in your pet would be, scatching at the ears and shaking of the head. If treated as soon as symptoms arise these conditions can be kept under control easily but if left too long they can quickly escalate into long term issues. If you think your pet may have an ear problem please call our reception team to make an appointment on 01476 563371.

Some pets require regular cleaning of the ears, below is a video of how to clean a cats ears. The same rules apply to cleaning a dogs ears also but if you require a demonstration of this by one of our nurses please call for an appointment.


The picture on the left here shows Saffron the Labradoodle with her ear canal full of hair. This is not only uncomfortable but it makes the ear canal produce alot of wax resulting in recurrent ear infections. The picture on the right is of the clean ear canal after the hair and wax have been removed and is how a dogs ear should look. She should hopefully be able to hear properly now if she chooses too!