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Grantham Surgery 01476 563 371

Bottesford Surgery 01949 843 277    

Repeat Medication 01476 516 330

Our dedicated team of vets and nurses will ensure that your pets get the best veterinary care possible.

We provide a 24 hour emergency service to all our registered clients at a subsidised cost. If you have an emergency please telephone 01476 563371.

We are a traditional mixed practice, treating all species from dogs and cats to horses and cattle. We want the best start for your new pet so why not consider our puppy or kitten package today.

Avenue Veterinary Centre understand that pets are part of the family! Our pet health club is a great way to keep up to date with all your pets health needs at an affordable monthly cost. Call us for more information today!

Providing veterinary care with modern facilities in a comfortable clinical environment for over 70 years.

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